Ahoy & a Welcome



I have been staring at my laptop screen for the past 10 minutes wondering how the hell am I supposed to begin this post. After a while I began to see random things moving in my vision. That is when I thought , what gives eh? Just start randomly..words will weave together on their own(in the words of my adorable soul sista Mishti)

Let me give you a brief history here. I am not new to the world of blogging. I stumbled upon this zany world almost two years ago and I was like “duuuude, this looks like fun. Let’s do this thing”. Please believe me when I say this…I did my thing for quite some time. It was an exciting phase. Thinking a name for the blog, writing the About Me as uniquely as possible , deciding the layout of the blog, feeling ever so grateful to the person who introduced me to blogging and all that jazz.  The enthusiasm stayed with me for a long long time. So much so that I would make time to do this in between my office chores. I took pride in the fact that I managed to maintain the blog despite having a full time job. I would go blog hopping and read some awesome stuff by my fellow bloggers. Leaving comments on their posts and praying hard that they leave comments back. Oh the thrill of seeing a comment on a post. I know people who write regularly will be able to agree with me on this one for sure. Drafts upon drafts would be filled and I would keep contemplating on new  topics to write. This process continued for quite some time and I was quite happy with the few humble comments I would get. Not to forget , I made some very nice friends along the way and so many of them are still in touch with me. It’s amazing how a medium like this can make you meet strangers who become such a happy part of your lives.

Slowly my life got occupied with other things, I got married , I quit my job, I changed my career and happily entered the Arts. Along with all this my enthusiasm also faded. I saw people updating their blogs so regularly that I felt like I was getting completely lost in the melee. I did try to bounce back every once in a while. But it looked pretty hollow to me. Saying “I am back” now and then and not really doing much about it. Unfortunately , my blog died down and I made peace with the fact that blogging was not really my thing.

But there is a small part of me which was not happy. I had taken to blogging because I enjoyed writing. I used to look forward to the thinking process, working on the idea and finally creating something. The pleasure you get when you see those words forming sentences forming paragraphs and finally a post is truly lovely. I know I am not an awesome writer or something. Heck, I am nowhere near to being one. And yeah, being married to a brilliant novelist doesn’t help either 😀 I have had him read my articles now and then. He always has some amazing insights to give on my work and sometimes rebukes on my bad grammar and general blehness. It is useful and scary at the same time. Makes me question my abilities a lot. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try.

So I decided that is it. It’s time I decided to do my thing. I sat one day and cleared my entire blog. I wanted to start afresh. I switched from blogger to wordpress. Just a whim to try something new. I decided to rename my blog as well. My previous blog was called Abhilasha. I had my own reasons for naming it and also scraping it. This time I wanted the name to be something I could identify with. I wanted the name to be a part of me. I as a person enjoy to take life as it comes, in all its varied hues and fancies. Oh and yes, I am as hopeless a foodie as one can ever get. So I decided to name this little piece of mine on the web, “RASA”. For me life is all about flavour. Sometimes sweet, sometimes savoury, sometimes bitter and sometimes a mix of everything.

So folks there you go, my blog is officially open from now. So join me in this crazy ride called life and let us enjoy its flavours in all its glory. Till next time,

Cheers !

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