It’s Never Too Late


Have you heard people say this, ” Do it now, what if you are not able to do it tomorrow?” While I agree that you should never lose a moment in trying to do something, I also believe that it is never too late.

I want to take a minute here and talk about myself. I was a science student. Why? Because I got good grades in school and by default my parents enrolled me in a science course because “Hey, that’s what you are supposed to do when you get a good percentage.” Now I am not saying that other streams don’t demand good marks, but back when I was studying the norm was to enter the sciences if you got some nice score. I just followed the herd and became an engineer. Why? Because “Hey, that’s what you do if want to get good placements in the end which will lead to a fat pay packet and which will lead to an obvious happy life.” And I did just that. I went through four extremely boring years of my course with absolute disinterest. I had no clue where I was going and what I was doing. I just knew that I had to get that coveted job in the end. Manage that I did. I landed myself a job with a decent salary. That feeling I admit was good. I finally felt that I belonged somewhere. Alas. One month into it and I realised this is not what I wanted to do with my life.

People say, earn money and you will be happy and lead a content life. But, there is a tiny little problem in all this. What exactly do you mean by a happy life? If making a lot of money equates to an awesome life, then everybody who is making some bucks should be happy. There should be no depressed people in this world. But that is so not the case. Even the richest of people suffer from chronic depression.

What then could be the solution for all this? I can think of only one word- PASSION. Now don’t get your dirty grey cells working. You know very well what I mean. It is that spark within you to do something that you absolutely love. I truly believe, your passion is that one thing which will never desert you even when you feel that the whole world has. Many of us spend our whole lives as a mundane routine. Just managing to exist and float away to the end. Finally when we are about to leave this world forever we will always have a regret. “What if…?”Agreed you will not be able to conquer all the “what if’s” of your life. But at least start somewhere. Try to find something productive to do which you gives you happiness. I stress on the word productive because well no point in doing nothing and deriving satisfaction. ¬†Because face it, you can’t be really happy by being lazy.

Oh yeah, believe me when I say this, it’s never too late to find your passion. The sooner the better. But don’t fret if you end up discovering something you like, after say some 20 odd years. It doesn’t matter. Whenever it is, it will still be your passion and it will keep you company forever.

After I got married, I took a huge career shift. I quit my job and decided to take up dancing. It’s been a year since I joined a dance company. For a fact I know that I have started much much later as compared to professional dancers out there who begin when they are very young. I am still a novice in my field. But I know for certain that this is what I am going to do for the rest of my life. It took 20 years to realize it. But I am so glad I finally did. I am not saying that all of us should quit our jobs and start doing something that we love. We have to pay our bills too. Also not all of us are in a position to pursue a passion along with a job. But if you feel you have the slightest chance whatsoever do not let it go. Don’t let that passion die. Find something that you are good at and do whatever it takes to hone that skill. Having a full time job doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make time for your passion. The more you find ways to make yourself happier, the better you will perform in your job. And who knows, someday you might become so good at your passion that you will get an opportunity to make a career out of it. And if you are really good at it money is bound to follow. Life is always ready with surprises around the corner.

I am nobody to give gyaan and preach to the world. I only say this because I know for sure I have never been happier in my life. What else does one need. When I finally hit my death bed someday I will have one less “what if” to answer to myself.

So go ahead and explore your passion and tell me if this post strikes a chord with you. Till next time.


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