The Month That Was: August

augustIt’s the first week of September and also my first post in this month. I thought why not start this month by paying an ode to the month of August. So I have decided that the first post of every month would be like a rewind of the previous month. Oh by the way, my inspiration behind this is one awesome blogger LOL: Life of Leo. You should go check out what she writes. Some good stuff that.

Okay so moving on, here is a gist of what the month of August was all about.

  • I began the month by spending a nice long vacation at my in-laws’ place with my husband. It comprised of lazing around and eating some brilliant food cooked by my MIL She is one amazing cook with so many awesome-sauce recipes under her sleeve.
  • While I was there I had to unfortunately go through a minor surgery for which I underwent quite a few not so memorable moments. But the surgery was successful and I came home with a few stitches and medicines and bla bla. So I had to extend my vacation by few more days and eat some more awesome-sauce food. Oh Yeah.
  • I was so jobless there, that I actually sat and did something productive.I  came up with this blog. Yes Sir. This baby is my fruit of labour, of relentless staring at the screen for a long long time with a blank mind and an equally blank hand.
  • All good things come to an end and so did the vacation. I came back home and had to plunge right into rehearsals. I had a show coming up in 5 days time for which I was pretty much unprepared and I had already extended my vacation , missing out on quite a few practice sessions.
  • In the midst of all this Murphy decided to play his card and I landed with a bad, really bad cold and fever. I was dishing out phlegm at the speed of anything that’s good speedy and coughing my brains and lungs out. Oh those nightmare nights in the bed with sleepless-ness and the sound of my wheezy hard breathing for company. (Did that come out totally wrong?)
  • Oh wait dearies, Murphy is not yet done with you see. A job is a job. No matter what situation you are in, you can never shirk a job. And if you are a freelancer the chances of saying no to a good piece of work are quite zero. So I had to take up a choreography project for a school along with my colleague. It was a bunch of 10 over-enthusiastic,naughty,lazy,super cute and adorable kids who were participating in a dance competition. Now mind you, all those characteristics were not the same for all. Each kid came with a uniqueness of his own which made him special in his own way. So I had quite a happening session of screaming and teaching and screaming some more. All this pretty much ended up in me losing my voice and sounding like an extreme version of Rani Mukerji. This experience was the first one for me. Not the voiceless-ness ! But the school project. The whole melee of coming up with steps, teaching a bunch of hyper active kids and trying to manage them when each one had a mind of his own, running around like a mad woman to the costumes on rent for the performance on that very day, helping them getting dressed up with last minute fixes and adjustments and finally watching them perform on stage. That feeling of seeing something that you have taught materialize in front of your eyes is just so rewarding. Kids are the best to work with. They are such soulful beings capable of so much love and gratitude. And if you are kind to them, they will trust you to the end of the world. So when these kids won the 2nd prize, it was one of the proudest moments of my life. I certainly was teary eyed when they were dancing on the stage remembering everything that had been taught to them.
  • So as I had mentioned before, I finally wrapped up my rehearsals and managed to pack my bags for the show. We had to go to a small town near Salem. We were to perform at a wedding and we had been really looking forward to this experience for quite some time. Our journey itself started with one of those rickety buses which shake and bump pretty much all the time. That definitely was an event in itself. Yeah, sadly I had never traveled in such buses before. So we had quite a jumpy journey for sure. But everything that happened after we reached the place was probably the best experience of our lives.I will tell you why. Brilliant tamilnadu food(slurpy sambars,fluffy idlis, drooly chutneys,FILTER COFFEE- I should stop or I will drown in my own drool), the loveliest bunch of people we have ever met who treated us with so much kindness and warmth that we couldn’t believe such clients even existed, cozy accommodation, some amazing costumes which we had gotten stitched for the show and finally a performance to thunderous applause. What more can a dancer ask for. Getting a good cheer from the audience is like our oxygen and this time it was much more than good! The event finally ended with us thulping down some brilliant wedding food. And what more-when we were finally leaving that place we got some lovely farewell gifts from those people.Oh ya..for the first time in my life I saw a railway station at 2 am in the night and was surprised to smell heavenly filter coffee there. Well that’s Salem for you. After a journey with a few hours of sleep we came back happy as larks and tired as tired can get
  • Finally after all of this I decided I had to take a break. So my husband and I packed our bags and went to the mother of all places-GOA. Err well actually he had been invited to speak at a literary event there and we were getting free food and stay and all the jazz . So what the heck, I shamelessly tagged along and enjoyed the hell outta that place. Goa never gets old does it?
  • My month ended with me baby sitting a dog and a cat for my friend who was out of town and has promised me to a big treat after she returns. Now these 2 animals are the cutest beings on earth. They are likesuch  buddies and literally jump on each other and me and create a riot in the house. Someday I will write a post on the chronicles of Phoebe -the dog and Kitty-the kitty. Here let me leave you with a picture of super adorable-ness and awww-ness and some more aww-ness. Go on..Aww away.

2014-08-30 12.51.33

So this was what August was all about for me. It started on a lazy note and ended on a lazier note. I pray to God that he keeps throwing such lazy moments my way and I promise to sail through life equally lazily.

How was  August for you? Had some adventures?Did Murphy take you on a ride too? Share your memorable moments of the month gone by in the comments and let me have a few good laughs.

Here’s wishing you all and myself a sizzling September. Have fun and don’t forget to laugh(at yourself)

Cheers Readers.

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